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9 Free Indian Stock Screeners

In the introductory article about Mutual Funds, we noticed that there are 5000+ listed companies in India and it is really difficult to analyze each company for investment. This was the reason why Mutual Funds were instituted. They have people who can devote all their time towards researching stocks (equity Mutual Funds) and you can outsource  9 Free Indian Stock Screeners this tiresome job to them. However, investing in Mutual Funds itself has some disadvantages and you may wish to invest in fundamentally good companies directly. Oh, but that does not solve our primary problem, does it?

You still have to find good investment worthy stocks without burning yourself out. Your problem is somewhat simplified if you limit yourself only to large-cap stocks but if you want to fish in the mid-cap and small-cap waters, you will definitely need a tool to help you with your search.

This is where Stock Screeners come in.  They help you shortlist stocks for investment very quickly based on pre-determined or custom criteria. In this article, I have prepared a list of some free Stock screeners for the Indian Stock markets which will come handy.

The List

1. AskKuber

askkuber1 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners The shortlisting can be done on 30+ parameters with 3 of them being technical parameters.  The shortlisting categories are broadly divided into General, Operational, Price, Shareholding, Size, Statistical, Technical and Valuation.

2. Capital4

untitled2 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners Capital4 has 7 excellent inbuilt screeners as well as a custom screener. It can be built using 60+ parameters grouped into Industry, Volume, Performance, Shareholding, Valuation multiples, Profitability, Growth, Efficiency,Leverage/ Risk, Dividends, Mutual Fund Activity e.t.c.

3. ValuePickr

untitled3 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners ValuePickr features  some popular US market screeners adapted to the Indian market. In all, there are over 60+ inbuilt screeners which means using more than 60 sets of established screening criteria.  However, what they lack is a custom screener that would allow users to screen stocks according to their own criteria. You will have to register with them (free) to use their screeners.

4.  ICICI Direct

untitled4 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners The Custom screener has 10+ criteria and they have a few ready-to-use screeners too but they are mostly based on technical considerations.

5. BSE Screener

untitled5 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners Very Basic Screener. Features only 4 screening criteria.

6. Edelweiss Screener

untitled7 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners Edelweiss has 10 ready-to-use/ inbuilt screeners which they call Power Screeners. They also have a custom Stock Screener which you can use. To use their screeners, you will have to register with them for free.

7. HDFC Securities

untitled8 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners Their custom screener has 15+ screening criteria. They also have 17 ready-to-use fundamental screeners.

8. Bullshouse

untitled9 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners They have a custom screener that screens stocks according to 9 criteria. They also have a few ready-to-use momentum screeners.

9. IDBI Paisabuilder

untitled11 9 Free Indian Stock Screeners IDBI Paisabuilder has a custom screener that will allow you to screen stocks based on 25+    criteria based on parameters grouped into 8 categories.

The Best Screeners

I found Capital4, AskKuber and ValuePickr screeners to be the best. If you are looking for custom screeners both Capital4 and AskKuber are pretty good. For ready-to-use screeners, try ValuePickr. Even though you have to register, it’s worth it. However, all this is only my opinion and you may like the other screeners too, so try all of them. If you know of a screener that I missed, please leave a comment.

Caution: I have assumed that the screeners are giving correct and updated data. It is best that you crosscheck the parameters with mainstream financial sites like

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  1. Pravin,
    We have developed Screener for NIFTY 500 : Please do let me know your candid feedback on what improvements/extra features would make it better. Thanks in advance.

  2. Do you know any custom stock screener that includes technical screeners like MA, FORCE INDEX, ADX etc. If yes, please let me know.

  3. try this one easy to use screener with ranking on finance and upside potential.

  4. Loved this writeup. Appreciate the efforts. Suggest you also check the new Stock Screener tool launched by Equitymaster. I have read good reviews about it. Here is the link for your reference:


  5. Hey Pravin,

    Also share your views on this new Stock Screener from Equitymaster:

  6. Visit You can get Powerful Screeners based on Fundamental Parameters and Technical Parameters such as MA, ADX, RSI etc free by just registering with them. You can also create Custom Intraday Screeners with real time SMS and email alerts based on over 100+ Technical Parameters Options. They can also help you create custom stock screeners of your choice.

    • TradersCockpit is the best free stock screener available for NSE and Commodities. They also offer Live Charts for free. Just try it out.

  7. Hey Pravin,
    Below is the good fundamental screener that i found

    • Hey Pravin you missed the best screener for Indian stock market i.e Keystocks software. It can scan stocks on basis of almost all popular technical indicators like rsi , macd , stoch, etc.. and layouts like bollinger bands , ichimoku etc and chart patterns like triangle, wedges and most important it has trendline scanner as well pivot scanner and even fibbonacci scanner too .

      It can scan in time frames of 5 minutes to monthly time frame during market hours with free live data .

      Free version for daily charts is also available named Keystocks-Lite
      you can get it from
      Even support forum is also available , no software vendor in India have support forum but since owner of this software do not make any false claims , he has offered support forum too at

  8. Nice post. Thank you for sharing. Stock market trading can fetch you a lot of profit if we play it smart.

  9. Good Compilation… However HDFC sec seems to be the best of the lot due to its wide number of predefined fundamental and technical screeners…

  10. Try , i found it to be better than the ones listed here. Also get Disqus for your comments, much easier and will improve interaction on your blog. Thanks for writing :)

    • I’m with Cutey. is the best screening I’ve come across … but it is purely fundamental analysis.

      Thanks for the review of screeners though. I wish there were more independent websites and weren’t so many broking houses among the list!


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